Fall Colors

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” Albert Camus

The is the most beautiful time of the year is definitely fall. The sudden explosion of colors, the crisp breezes, football season, fires in the fireplace, apple pies, harvesting, canning, pumpkin carving, hayrides, corn mazes, apple cider….There are many  reasons to love autumn. I think the thing I like the most about autumn is getting together with family for thanksgiving… all the games, stories, and food (always the best meal of the year!).  This fall has been kinda strange, from a weather perspective (It’s 70° at 7:30 a.m.), but it has been a nice change from the usual cold falls we have here.  Just had my first cup of apple cider a week ago, and realized how much I am excited for everything that fall brings.

Fall Colors: Yellow

Fall Colors: Yellow

Fall Colors: Orange

Fall Colors: Orange

Fall Colors: Red

Whats your favorite part about Autumn, and when did you start to feel that it was fall?


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About Wyatt VanDePol

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6 responses to “Fall Colors”

  1. caleephotography says :

    My favorite part is the foliage (love the colors!) and I first started noticing when the insects I usually photograph disappeared..

    • Wyatt VanDePol says :

      yes, my favorite colors are reds/oranges/yellows, so I agree that fall foliage is spectacularly beautiful!

    • Wyatt VanDePol says :

      Glad to see someone with a similar interest in photographing bugs! I am a beekeeper and have many opportunities to get pictures of honey bees, but there aren’t many other bugs for me to get, some in the spring, but in the summer all i have to get pictures of are mosquitoes! Also, i love your bird pictures, i want to get more pictures of birds myself. Any tips on how to get closer to birds without scaring them off?

      • caleephotography says :

        I love to photograph bugs! My favorites are dragonflies and damselflies, and my trick is to approach them from behind (I get so close my macro lens almost touches them). As for birds, I only started taking pictures of them the past week, and so far I have no tip on how to get close.. I take them with a zoom lens instead. 🙂

  2. photomatteimaging says :

    Love these shots. Favourite has to be the leaves framed by the trunks, really effective! Well done.

    • Wyatt VanDePol says :

      Thank you, it was on accident too. I was trying to get a shot straight up the tree, and accidentally released the shutter. It turned out to be the best one I took! Thanks for stopping by!

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