Old Toys

Some old toys never seem to lose their appeal. Toy cars and boats have always been, and still are, one of a young boys favorite toys.

I remember that I loved when right after (and sometimes during) a good, hard rain,  my brother and I would make  boats out of Legos or tin foil to float down the now rushing stream. And when Legos or foil weren’t available we found that a stick or big leaf worked just as well.

An old sailboat

And I don’t know if I need to say anything about little boys loving to play with cars. There are just some things that naturally go together; women & shopping, milk & cookies, USA & apple pie, coffee & me…. and I think that boys and cars should be in this list as well.

A Boys Best Friend

What was your favorite toy as a child?


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About Wyatt VanDePol

Son, Brother, Nikon photographer, Beekeeper, Pianist, Artist, Coffee lover, Good book lover, Cross Country runner, and WordPress blogger.

2 responses to “Old Toys”

  1. caleephotography says :

    LEGO! (and still is ;-))

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