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American Robin

We have a ton of American Robins around our house. Here are a few pictures I took a yesterday.


Cedar Waxwing

I don’t see many Cedar Waxwings in our area, as they only migrate here in the winter. And when I do see them it is a special treat. I saw this flock of them sitting on our mulberry tree, and tried sneaking around to get a better shot of them. I got about 5 pictures, and then they decided that I was too close and took off toward the neighbors. I went looking for them again, but never found them. So here are the pictures I did get, and I might not get anymore ’till next winter.

Eastern Fox Squirrel

This morning, while I was eating breakfast, this Eastern Fox Squirrel was running around on our deck, and up and down the trees. He was rather close to the house, so I wouldn’t have to go outside to get a picture of him, so I ran to get my camera. Some of the pictures turned out OK.

Pictures taken out of a window are never quite as good. But, ya gotta make do with what ya got!

Winter Birds – Tufted Titmouse

Got out and did some bird watching yesterday. It was very cold, but worth it!

I saw a Tufted Titmouse for the first time around our house. Very pretty little bird.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

It has been a long time since I posted any pictures, so it’s about time to catch up.

My family and I went up to my aunt and uncle’s house in Ankeny, Iowa, for Christmas. They had gotten about a foot of snow, and it  was only in the low teens most of the time we were up there. But I got out on the warmest day (about 23 degrees) and got a few pictures of the beautiful scenery.

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