The 50th Post!!!

I have finally hit it! 50 Posts! It may not be much by most people’s standards, but a great stepping stone for me! I have had a hard time trying to keep posting on this blog, as I am really busy with school. But finally hitting my goal really excites me and keeps me motivated to keep devoting the time to blogging on this site.

So for my 50th post, I wanted to share a couple of the things I love.

1. Music

I am a pianist, and have taken piano lessons for 8 years. I absolutely LOVE the piano… it is, in my opinion, the best instrument. I have had a wonderful piano teacher, which has only helped my love for music grow more.

I am also a  HUGE fan of the Piano Guys. I love all of their music, although Titanium/Pavane and What Makes You Beautiful are some of my favorites. Here are the links, and go watch them if you haven’t seen them already… and even if you have, watch it again!

Titanium/Pavane –

What Makes You Beautiful –

2. Coffee

As you may have noticed in some of my previous comments or from my Gravatar profile… I LOVE COFFEE!!! Strong and Black, no cream or sugar! AAHHHH!

A rounded scoop of coffee grounds.

A rounded scoop of coffee grounds.

My Least favorite swallow of coffee is... the last one!

My Least favorite swallow of coffee is… the last one!

3. Board Games

I love almost all board games, but Settlers of Catan (Cities and Knights version is best) and Chess are right at the top. A friend introduced me to Settlers of Catan, and at that moment I was hooked. I have been an addict ever since.

Settlers of Catan with the Cities and Knights Extension

Settlers of Catan with the Cities and Knights Extension

My dad and I have a friendly rivalry when it comes to chess. We started playing a couple years ago, but now it seems to be a little more important to my dad. That is probably a result of my 48 – 6 run I had a little while back. But recently he has beaten me a couple times, so he is getting excited to play me again.





4. Football

I played football briefly while in junior high, but have always loved the sport. I am a HUGE Iowa Hawkeye fan, and although their past couple football seasons have stunk, really enjoy watching them. But my favorite football to watch has been this last fall, when my two little brothers played flag football. It was sooo cool to watch, because my little brothers were probably the best players on their respective teams (and I’m not just saying that ‘cuz I’m their big brother). The older of the two won the championship in his division, and the younger one’s team got 3rd.

My brother with a falling dive after a catch. (inches short of a touchdown!)

My brother with a falling dive after a catch. (inches short of a touchdown!)

My youngest brother with a touchdown run!

My youngest brother with a touchdown run!

5. Large and Odd Words

I love large vocabularies! For some reason, I have always enjoyed the use big and unique words. Here are some of my favorites:

– Sesquipedalian – The use of long words

– Spanghew – The act of violently throwing a frog in the air from the end of a stick

– Defenestration – The act of throwing something or usually someone out of a window

– Persnickety – to fuss about small details

– Smellfungus – An excessively fault finding person

– Floccinaucinihilipification – Estimation that something is valueless

– Pulveratricious – Covered with dust

– Tyrotoxism – To be poisoned by cheese

– Zarf – a holder of a handle-less coffee cup

– Lachanophobia – The fear of vegetables

I think that these are pretty awesome, and they are only a few of the ones I like. We have a 1934 Webster dictionary, and I make frequent uses of it. It is amazing what you can learn through reading new words.


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About Wyatt VanDePol

Son, Brother, Nikon photographer, Beekeeper, Pianist, Artist, Coffee lover, Good book lover, Cross Country runner, and WordPress blogger.

6 responses to “The 50th Post!!!”

  1. Bob Zeller says :

    Great post, Wyatt. Congrats on your 50th.

  2. tootlepedal says :

    Here’s to the next fifty.

  3. New Hampshire Gardener says :

    I never thought I’d make it to 50 posts, but just passed two hundred and wondered “How did that happen?” Keep it up-you can get to know some great people through blogging!

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