Carolina Wren

Every spring, We have a pair of Carolina Wrens who nest in one of our houses we have for them. Normally, all the snow is about gone before they arrive, but not this year! They have been here for a few weeks, and I was trying to find a way to attract them close to our windows so that I wouldn’t have to go outside to get pictures (Because it is still COLD!). I read somewhere that if you take a piece of bread and covered it in peanut butter, then sprinkled millet and other seed on it, it would act as a homemade suet and attract Woodpeckers, Mockingbirds, Nuthatches, Mousetits…. AND WRENS!!!! So I decided to try it, and it works! I had attracted a few types of birds, but then the one that I was looking for came; The Carolina Wren. I was waiting patiently inside our kitchen window, when he stopped for a little bit to have a snack. He wasn’t there for long but it was long enough for me to get a few nice pictures!

A little Carolina Wren on a bird feeder.

A little Carolina Wren on a bird feeder.

A little Carolina Wren on a bird feeder

A little Carolina Wren on a bird feeder

A little Carolina Wren on a bird feeder

A little Carolina Wren on a bird feeder

A little Carolina Wren on a bird feeder

A little Carolina Wren on a bird feeder

A little Carolina Wren on a tree limb

A little Carolina Wren on a tree limb


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6 responses to “Carolina Wren”

  1. New Hampshire Gardener says :

    It’s always nice to find what you’re hoping for.

  2. MariaSabrinaPalmares says :

    aww… :3 thats really nice :)) I’ve never built a nest house but if i could make one, ‘d like it to look like yours, with bread holder like that 🙂 its really nice idea!

  3. The Birding Bunch says :

    Beautiful photos. We haven’t had Carolina Wrens come here, but we’ve had Sedge and House. That is a good idea to use instead of suet. We make our own bird “suet”, but if we run out, I can do this in a pinch. I find it funny a Harri’s coming in. Did it eat any? We find they are very curious here and often are the first species to try a new feeder.

    Have you been hearing the Meadowlarks yet? We’ve been hearing the Westerns for awhile, just waiting for the Easterns to return. We are blessed to have the right habitat for both species during the summer.

    • Wyatt VanDePol says :

      Thanks! I haven’t seen any Segde or House Wrens around here for a LONG time, but I hope they come around one of these days! And YES! the Harris’ Sparrow was the first species at this feeder. They didn’t seem to particularly like the homemade ‘suet’, but I had sprinkled some millet around, and filled another feeder nearby with an assortment of seed, and they seem to enjoy that!
      I haven’t heard the Meadowlarks yet, But probably should start hearing them soon! I have really enjoyed your blog, and hope to share and gain knowledge from you! Thanks again!

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