American Kestrel

So I was walking around outside observing the new snow we have just received, when I noticed a rather large bird land on the top of a cedar tree about 30 yards away from me. It looked much larger than any pigeon or birds we have around here regularly, but smaller than a Red-tail Hawk, so I had no idea what it was. I was so surprised when I discovered that it was in fact an American Kestrel. I see these around very rarely but never near my house, so I was extremely and pleasantly surprised.

I didn’t get any “Great” pictures, as he did not stay for long, but I was just happy to see one on our property.


An American Kestrel, alighting gracefully on the top of a cedar tree.


An American Kestrel keeping his balance in the wind.


An American Kestrel sitting at the top of a cedar.


An American Kestrel glancing at me from his perch.


An American Kestrel keeping his balance.


An American Kestrel observing the view from the top of a cedar.


An American Kestrel trying to keep his balance atop a cedar tree on a windy day.


An American Kestrel


Engaging an American Kestrel in a staring contest.


An American Kestrel at the top of a cedar tree.

It was a real treat to see this bird in our yard, and I hope he stays around for awhile.

If you are a photographer –  What have you wanted to photograph for awhile, and finally was able to?

If  you are not a photographer – What goals have you set for yourself and finally achieved?


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About Wyatt VanDePol

Son, Brother, Nikon photographer, Beekeeper, Pianist, Artist, Coffee lover, Good book lover, Cross Country runner, and WordPress blogger.

6 responses to “American Kestrel”

  1. iago80 says :

    Great. I recently got my first shot of an Avocet – I was very happy

  2. Bella Remy Photography says :

    You are so lucky to be able to see a Kestrel. Great find.

  3. The Birding Bunch says :

    Kestrels are such nice birds to have around. 🙂 If you saw my latest post, you know we recently saw a couple. The male decided to use that same roosting spot last night. I am eager to go out and see if there are any pellets.

    We finally got icky photos of a bird we’ve been trying for, but at least they’re photos. It’s something I will soon post on my blog.

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