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Buds and Blooms

Here are some pictures I took early this spring.


A Few More Flower Pictures…

Here are some old and recent pictures I have gotten so far this spring….

Ozark Mountain Preparedness Camp

Over Mother’s Day weekend, my family kinda split up. My mother and sister went to Branson, and all the boys went on a camp out.

All the guys in our family (and the girls too…) have quite an interest in ‘Survival’ (Building shelters out of whatever you can find in the forest, Foraging for wild edibles, making snares and fish spears, etc….), and we found a gentleman who offered some wilderness survival courses down in Arkansas (here is his website –, so my older brother, father, and I took a class from him in 2011, and one of my younger brothers took a class last fall. But he asked all the people who had taken a class from him previously to come down for a free ‘Customer Appreciation’ class, with just fellowship and fun. So we all packed up our bags and headed down to  Ar-Kansas  to spend a few days in hammocks in the trees. 😀

I got a decent amount of pictures, but I didn’t want to put all the ones I liked directly in this post so I have put a link to the pictures below:



I was across the street recently, and I stopped to get a picture of a dog that, long story short, was ours for a time and is now our neighbors. She is a Beagle who’s name is ‘Betsy’ (hence the title of the post ;-)) and she is a really sweet dog. She is an avid hunter, and has caught many a rabbit in her time, but as she continues to age, I see her getting a little more sluggish. She is now content to sit on the deck and just get out now and again to give those ol’ rabbits a chase, but I think that she is just taking life a little more slowly now….

Time for my nap!.... Again!

Time for my nap!…. Again!

Ol' Betsy just takin' life one step at a time...

Ol’ Betsy just takin’ life one step at a time…

Honey Bees

I love getting pictures of honey bees!

This is partially because I am a beekeeper and I love the lil’ guys, but also because I think that they are very beautiful and delicate creatures. And, I feel glad to see these workers out and about pollinating all the flowers… it reminds me that spring is here and that summer is on the way! (17 days!)

A honey bee on a blackberry bloom

A honey bee on a blackberry bloom

A honey bee pollinating a blackberry bloom.

A honey bee pollinating a blackberry bloom.

It is easy to get busy during this part of the year with graduations and summer plans, and and forget stop and contemplate the simple joy of new life… Being able to recognize the significance of new growth where there has previously been fading and loss… So while stopping to observe a new spring flower and think on what it signifies may seem frivolous or like a waste of time, I see great benefit! Being able to appreciate all the small and delicate things in this world is just as important as appreciating the big, sturdy things! God put everything on this earth for a reason!

Motion Blur

I have wanted to broaden my picture taking abilities by stepping beyond what I know how to do, and experiment with different settings, lighting scenarios, etc…. And one thing that I’ve never really done much of is use motion blur in pictures. I have always kinda been of the mind that if your picture is blurry 1) You need to lower your aperture, and/or 2) Raise the shutter speed. I’ve never liked pictures that were blurry from motion blur, but I’m starting to see how it can be used to your advantage to create a whole new distinct picture….


A picture with settings I am comfortable with:

f/5.6, 1/1250 sec.

f/5.6, 1/1250 sec.


A few pictures of the same subject when I am trying to use motion blur:

f/29, 1/13 sec.

f/29, 1/13 sec.

f/29, 1/13 sec.

f/29, 1/13 sec.


As I have said, I am experimenting and these pictures are no where near perfect. Do you have any tips? If so, please comment! If not, still feel free to comment! I’d love to hear from ya!

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