Welcome to my photography blog! I am an amateur photographer and decided that I wanted to start posting pictures on a blog. Long story short, here it is. Thank you so much for visiting and please feel free to comment/critique my photos.

A little bit about me:

My interest in Photography started when I was 10 years old. I thought it was the coolest thing to capture a beautiful image from nature. I got a little Kodak point-and-shoot camera for my 11th birthday, and really enjoyed it. So I decided that I was going to invest a little money and see what photography was all about. I have never taken a photography class in my life, so I was amazed at how beautiful some of them turned out be. Those first photos literally changed the way I looked at the world around me. Now I keep my Camera with me at all times and am always looking for inspiration for my next picture.

I truly hope that that these photographs inspire all who see them to revel in the beauty of nature that God created.

A Picture of Me

I currently have a Nikon D5100, with a 18mm – 55mm f/3.5  lens & a 55mm – 300mm f/4.5 zoom lens.

Thanks for visiting my blog and have an extraordinary day!



34 responses to “Home”

  1. katehobbs says :

    Thank you for liking my photo from today & following my blog. Welcome. So pleased you decided to pay a visit and hope to see you here again.

  2. Tuxedo Sophisticated Cat says :

    Wyatt, thank you for checking out my blog. I look forward to following your future in photography. You have some beautiful photos.

  3. opreach says :

    Thank you for following my blog. I look forward to coming back here and enjoying your photos. I especially like your Christmas ornaments.

  4. Bella Remy Photography says :

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and subscribing. I really enjoy your photos and look forward to sharing more with you in future. Bella

  5. Jo Ann says :

    Thanks being the newest follower to my blog, Wyatt. You have taken some wonderful pictures and with your enthusiasm, you’ll only get better!

  6. mflahertyphoto says :

    I’m jealous Wyatt. I started when I was a teen but left it for years and years. I wish I would have started as early as you did, and most importantly kept shooting consistently through the years. If you keep it up you’ll be a fantastic photographer while you’re still young. Good luck man!

    • Wyatt VanDePol says :

      Thank you so much for the encouragement. I’m jealous of your awesome shots of mountains. Being here in north-eastern kansas, I don’t get to see any of them I love being able to learn from other photographers more experienced than me. I hope I can learn much from you and others.
      Thanks Again!

  7. snappy~speak says :

    Keep it up Wyatt, you’re very talented!

  8. summerwindow says :

    Thank you for liking my post today!

  9. aket95 says :

    Thank you for checking my blog out. Your pictures are interesting! Nice to see you’ve pursued your interest well.

  10. Bob Zeller says :

    Congrats on your blog. Welcome to the world of nature photography. Good luck.

  11. schelleycassidy says :

    Great pictures! We share the same passions, photography and coffee! Thanks for visiting my blog. 🙂

  12. Cristian V. Photography says :

    Good luck with your work! 🙂

  13. Mary says :

    Thanks for the follow. I look forward to seeing your photos.

  14. thephotoseye says :

    Thank you for viewing my blog and for following. You have a great start here and more importantly is your love and enjoyment in photography – enjoy it – click and shoot – and just watch what will happen!

  15. Jane Lurie says :

    HI Wyatt- Thanks for your kind comments and for following my photography blog. You’ve got some nice work here- will look forward to seeing more.

  16. Mary Van De Pol says :

    Hey there Wyatt – I was looking at your pictures today – they are reall awsome. Looking forward to seeing more – maybe you can open your own studio someday. Papa Terry and I are celebrating our 45th anniversary this year – maybe we can hire you to take our picture! Love you GranMary

  17. The Birding Bunch says :

    I follow the tag, Harris’s sparrow and your post came up today on the Reader. They are my favorite migratory sparrow and actually spend a bit of time here between their northern and southern homes.

    I have an eleven year old who enjoys photography. He is better than I as he will fiddle with the manual settings of his camera. We both have a Canon Powershot SX40. If you look at my blog and a photo stands out, it probably is his.

    God bless you. 🙂

    • Wyatt VanDePol says :

      Yes they are a very beautiful bird. I hadn’t noticed these little birds around here until I got my Nikon DSLR and really started looking for details in God’s creation, and noticing different species of animals. But since then, We have had a TON of these birds on our feeders and around our house.
      Also, I love your blog! And add me to the list of “Christian-Birder-Photographer-People”!
      God Bless You, and Have a Stupendous Day!

  18. Steven Jackson says :

    Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I look forward to seeing your work. Photography can be an amazing endeavor that never disappoints.

  19. hemadamani says :

    hi! thanks for visiting my blog. Photography can really change how you observe your world. best wishes to you.

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