Spider Web

Spider Webs…

There are few things that compare… Its delicate strength, and simple beauty are unmatched…  The spider’s ability to create such an elegant, and refined work of art is awe inspiring….

And the fact that every time I walk blindly into one, I feel like a ninja trying to get away from it is kinda cool 🙂

Spider Web

Spider Web

Spider Web

Spider Web

Spider Web

Spider Web

Spider Web

Spider Web

Take the time today to look at the simple, elegant beauty of the small things around you that our Heavenly Father created!



While at my grandparent’s pond, there is always an opportunity to get pictures of the neighbor’s ducks (and two Greylag Geese), but its something I never really do… Yeah, ducks are ‘kinda’ cute, but they are much ‘cute-er’ when they’re still ducklings… So I never really wanted to spend my time taking pictures of them. But I decided to give it a try the last time I was down there, and was actually quite pleased with both, their co-operation and the shots I got!

A couple of tips that I would share with you after my brief experience:

1) Put the dogs  in the house or garage…. Its hard to get pictures of the ducks when they are fleeing for their lives the whole time you are down there.

2) Stay a little ways away from the Greylag Geese… They’re kinda grouchy 🙂


I am a bit of a coffee lover…

Normally I drink it black. I find a strange enjoyment from the bitter taste… maybe it is the fact that after I get used to the bitterness of the coffee, everything else I eat or drink tastes extremely sweet… Or that I just enjoy having a nice, hot cup of coffee in my hands to sip on and warm myself up on a chilly morning on the deck….  But for whatever the reason, I LOVE IT!!!!

I was at my grandparents recently, and made some coffee for myself to drink while I sat with them out on their deck… I love the quiet time early in the mornings to just sit and talk about life, especially when it is with people (like my grandparents) who have wisdom and experiences to share, and advice to give… It makes the hot cup of coffee just that much more enjoyable. 🙂

Are YOU a coffee drinker? If so… WHY do you love it? (taste/smell/keeps you awake/all the above?)

(On the morning that I took this picture… I was in the mood for something sweet… so there was quite a bit of creamer in this cup of coffee 🙂

One of my favorite sights in the morning...

One of my favorite sights in the morning…

A black and white version of one of my favorite things in the morning ;-)

A black and white version of one of my favorite things in the morning 😉

(Which picture do you like better? I liked the ‘dramatic’ look of the b&w shot… and I think that the background was a little distracting in the first one… Tell me which one you like in the comments below if you feel like it! 🙂 )

Sunflower In The Morning Light

“And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.  And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good.” ~ Genesis 1:11-12 (KJV)

Sunflower in the Morning Light

Sunflower in the Morning Light

1979 Ford Bronco

Projects are awesome!

And we just got a new one to start! Some neighbors of ours just gave us their old 1979 Ford Bronco truck, which has been sitting in their back yard, unmoved, for 6 years… So yes it may be covered with some lichen, and yes it may have some rust spots, and yes it needs work! But look at the awesome potential there is to turn this into something beautiful!!!!

My family is going to be fixing it up for a while, and I’ll post some more pictures as we go!

God gave us creativity and the desire to use our hands to make something, because we are made in his image! We need to use it!

What projects are you working on?


I will not be posting very much this school year, but I’ll put on some photos when ever I have the gettin’ to!

My Brothers and I went hiking yesterday at a nearby lake, and we got to explore a beautiful waterfall and creek. We walked around for awhile, and fished a little… and we just had a great time messing around… and I got a some fun pictures too!

Buds and Blooms

Here are some pictures I took early this spring.

A Few More Flower Pictures…

Here are some old and recent pictures I have gotten so far this spring….

Ozark Mountain Preparedness Camp

Over Mother’s Day weekend, my family kinda split up. My mother and sister went to Branson, and all the boys went on a camp out.

All the guys in our family (and the girls too…) have quite an interest in ‘Survival’ (Building shelters out of whatever you can find in the forest, Foraging for wild edibles, making snares and fish spears, etc….), and we found a gentleman who offered some wilderness survival courses down in Arkansas (here is his website – http://www.ozarkmountainpreparedness.com/welcome.html), so my older brother, father, and I took a class from him in 2011, and one of my younger brothers took a class last fall. But he asked all the people who had taken a class from him previously to come down for a free ‘Customer Appreciation’ class, with just fellowship and fun. So we all packed up our bags and headed down to  Ar-Kansas  to spend a few days in hammocks in the trees. 😀

I got a decent amount of pictures, but I didn’t want to put all the ones I liked directly in this post so I have put a link to the pictures below:





I was across the street recently, and I stopped to get a picture of a dog that, long story short, was ours for a time and is now our neighbors. She is a Beagle who’s name is ‘Betsy’ (hence the title of the post ;-)) and she is a really sweet dog. She is an avid hunter, and has caught many a rabbit in her time, but as she continues to age, I see her getting a little more sluggish. She is now content to sit on the deck and just get out now and again to give those ol’ rabbits a chase, but I think that she is just taking life a little more slowly now….

Time for my nap!.... Again!

Time for my nap!…. Again!

Ol' Betsy just takin' life one step at a time...

Ol’ Betsy just takin’ life one step at a time…

Ozark Mountain Preparedness, LLC.

Outdoor Survival Courses in NW Arkansas


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